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S.J. Packman & Associates are a premiere Debt Law Firm committed to providing the most profesisonal and effective debt relief services to people from all over the United States. We are a real law firm, with real, certfied debt attorneys, bankruptcy lawyers and debt specialists ready to help you and your family. For an example of how we can help, we've provided you with a sampling of real debt settlement letters that we have received from satisfied clients.

Letters of Debt Settlement from Real Clients

S.J. Packman & Associates helps people with most every type of debt relief. For your convenience, we have separated our letters of debt settlement into Credit Card settlements and Non-Credit Card Settlements. Non-credit card settlements include such things as lawsuits, judgments, garnishments, liens, leases, car loans, deficiency balances and more. 

Please keep in mind that past performance does not dictate future results and that all settlements are handled on a case by case basis.

What You Need to Know About Debt Settlement Letters

It is important to understand that, typically, lawsuit accounts are settled at higher settlement rates than those accounts where there is no legal action. The reason being is that the accounts where legal action is pending gives the creditor or collection attorney more leverage in their favor which in turn usually leads to higher settlement rates. It has always been the policy of S.J. Packman & Associates to give settlement estimates based on 50% settlements in order to manage our clients’ expectations. We do this as we typically settle most client debt portfolios below the 50% estimates and therefore our clients usually complete the debt settlement process early.

Thinking About Debt Settlement?

If you are struggling with your payments and contemplating bankruptcy, give us a call at 888-314-1722 to understand your options for getting out of debt and return to a healthy financial future. Working with the assistance of certified debt attorneys not only guarantees you protection against unscrupulous debt collection agencies, but also helps to clearly organize and explain the entire debt settlement process so that you understand exactly how we can proceed.

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