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S.J. Packman & Associates is a law firm specializing in Debt Relief for both individuals and businesses. We provide professional Debt Settlement, Mortgage Relief, Bankruptcy Help, Loan Modifications and many more services by licensed debt attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys and debt specialists. Since we focusing solely on debt relief, we deal almost exclusively with financially vulnerable clients. As a result, we strive extra hard to provide the best, most effective service on behalf of our clients.

The reviews below are from REAL S.J. Packman & Associates clients and represent only a small sampling of the positive testimonials we have received regarding our business over the years.

What Our Clients Are Saying:


“I could not have done this without you, S.J. Packman”

I really want to thank you because you really helped me when I was still signed up with that lawyer who took more of my money for himself than for my bills. I called a number on a flyer that I recieved in the mail and spoke with you. You explained what was going to happen if I stayed with that previous lawyer and you explained what I could do to get out of it. You were great! Then we met you to talk about a bankruptcy. Everything was explained in detail. All of my questions were answered, no pressure. I said I wanted to use S.J. Packman but I wasn't ready. You said that when I was ready to let you know. You never pressured me or called to rush my decision. You were very patient and called from time to time to say hello and see how things were. We finally met with you again to get things started. You were with me the whole way. You were always available to answer any questions or calm my fears and sometime to answer really stupid questions. You never made me feel like I was a pest. You made it so easy to understand exactly what was going on and you took care of everything that needed to be done. When I was ready for my court date, Peter was very friendly and helped me go through with the final hearing.

I could not have done any of this without you, S.J. Packman. I would definitely recommend you personally. The price was fair and I was even offered a payment plan. You were there when I was ready and always supported and helped me. So Mike ,THANK YOU!!!    - Sue G., November 2013

“I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders”

Hi Michael Sininsky,

I feel a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, just getting this credit card debt under control and now debt free. You have been a tremendous help and I appreciate how easy this way for you to handle. I will definitely recommend S.J. Packman and Associates all your services to others. Honest and Reliable - Jerome, November 2013


“Definitely consider this law firm for your legal needs!”

In today's economic worl, we were facing a financial hardship. We have to be honest, we were skeptical on contacting anyone with this embarrassing situation. FInally, we made a call to S.J. Packman and spoke to Michael Sininsky. He made us feel that we were not the only ones, that this was not uncommon. We felt he was able to lead us in the right direction and help us out. Michael is friendly and professional. He answered all our "hundreds" of questions in a timely fashion. He explained the process thoroughly. We were scared and stressed, but Mike made it an easy process. It was actually a relief when completed. We would definitely recommend S.J. Packman & Associates LLC and Michael to anyone who needs assistance with financial problems. THank you again for all your appreciated efforts. Annonymous, November 2013


“Definitely consider this law firm for your legal needs!”

S.J. Packman is a wonderful firm to handle your bankruptcy needs. They are always there to answer any questions you may have and explained the process to me in way that I could understand. They are very personal and guide you through the process the entire wayfrom beginning to end. I was very nervous about this whole process, but my contact with this firm made it so much more bearable! Definitely consider this law firm for your legal needs!! Thanks for all your help, Michael! Annonymous, November 2013


“I have been able to re-establish myself financially.”

I have been very satisfied with the way S.J. Packman was able to help me out when I needed it. Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would ever be in the situation I found myself in after the 2008 financial and housing crash. With the help of Michael Sininsky and the staff at S.J Packman, I have been able to re-establish myself financially and am tremedously appreciative of that help. Annonymous, November 2013


“Now that all of my bills were paid, my credit is up and running again.”

Mr. Sininsky and the company he represents is the best in the business. I had a lot of difficulties managing my credit card bills after the collapse in the economy a few years back. Thank God for S.J. Packman and Michael Sininsky. I found them just in time. Now that all of my bills were paid, my credit is up and running again. I will recommend him personally to anyone who's in the same situation that I was.  Patrick, November 2013


“The sooner you reach out, the faster you can save yourself.”

Hi Mike,
I appreciate your help in handling my case, for I tried to solve it by myself but it didn't seem to work (I got scammed). You basically bought more time for me while I tried to sort and regain some financial order in my life. You were able to put me back on track without any severe legal consequences. You listened, negotiated, communicated, prepared,represented, and negotiated again and again for me. Oftentimes, we face difficult situations despite of our effort and those unavoidable situations (divorce, illness or accident) can overwhelm us. Settling debt was not really my first option, but it was the only option I could choose at the moment. I do have some mixed feelings for settling debt, but I know it was the right thing to do. Thank you again Mike for being patient and persistent. The lesson I learned from this experience was to ask for help. The sooner you reach out, the faster you can save yourself... But remember to ask help from the right company. Thanks! Akira, November 2013


“The entire debt settlement process was very good and well explained.”

Dear Sir,
The entire debt settlement proccess was very good and well explained. It brought me great joy knowing the fact that I'm on the right path of being free from debt collection and constantly being harrassed by phone calls. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Michael Sininsky for a tremendous job well done is assisting me through the entire process. Once again, thank you. - Talibe B., Brooklyn, NY, November 2013


“I would recommend anyone to him.”

I would like to express my thanks to Michael from SJ Packman. I was left with bills after a separation where my bills exceeded my income after hearing about SJ Packman. I called them and spoke to Mike. At first I was afraid to get involved so I told mike I will call him back mike keep checking up on me and I finally explained my situation to him and he came up with a plan . Thanks to him I am debt free today. I would recommend anyone to him .Thanks again. - Lincoln K, Long Island, NY, April 2013

“I would recommend them to anyone that needs financial help!”

I thought I was in over my head with credit card debt, after working with Michael he walked me through the debt consolidation process and made me feel comfortable about the process and answered all the questions and concerns I had. They helped me make my monthly payments affordable and helped me get out of debt in a couple of years. It was a pleasure working with SJ Packman and I would recommend them to anyone that needs financial help! - Willie T, New York, NY, March 2013

“Good morning and thanks for all your help.”

Your excellent service, reminders, organization and thoroughness made the process not as painful as I envisioned. Thanks for your help and for staying on top of things. All is well on this side, hope you are well too. - Marcelina L, New York, NY, March 2013

“I trusted you.”

I really want to thank you for all what you did during this process to help me out of my financial burdens... I'm now in my way out... thank you to your help... You explained to me every step... very clearly... what was going to happen... how was going to happen ... and I trusted you... - Elisa G, New York, NY, January 2013

“Quality Excellent.”

SJ Packman is a top rated company, Dealing with Michael was an excellent experience, He walked me through the process and assured me I would be better off, He was in constant communication throughout the entire process and then afterwards as well. I would highly recommend SJ Packman to anyone looking to get their financial life back. Everything that I was told was going to happen did, no loop holes just plain honesty. They are definitely not like the other companies out their who take your money and leave you hanging. As I said before, if you want to get on track again, contact SJ Packman and ask for Michael, you won't be sorry. - Jay B, Queens, NY, Jan 2013

“Negotiating for us Mike got us virtually out of debt.”

I'm writing to thank you for all of your assistance in essentially saving our financial life (my wife and myself). As the financial situation in the country was worsening our personal finances were damaged by a load of medical bills and the housing crisis lowering the value of our home to 60% of its former worth. Despite our efforts we were falling further and further behind financially. In short, we were in debt to a point that we were seriously considering bankruptcy. As we were searching for an answer we came upon your web site, considered the contents of it and the routes you offered to solve our financial situation, so we contacted your firm. Shortly Michael S. contacted us and after laying out our situation he assured us that your company could help; and help he did. Negotiating for us Mike got us virtually out of debt in the space of two years. I cannot thank your company and Mike enough. I have recommended your company to anyone who in conversation spoke of financial problems and had no idea of what to do. The professionalism and sincere concern your company and Mike shows contrasts sharply with so many places that promise much but deliver little. Thanks again for everything. - Rick F, Newark, New Jersey, October 2012

“Now that we are debt free.”

Sorry for the delay in writing to thank you but we have been busy enjoying life now that we are debt free. When illness hit after we had incurred children’s college bills and helping them to get started along with our own credit cards, we were entirely over our head. One day after trying to figure out how we could pay the monthly bills, I got the nerve up to call S.J. Packman. I talked with Michael and he was so helpful and encouraging that after talking with my husband, we decided to do it. With bills around $49,000 we started on our journey to get out of debt and here we are 2 years later, debt free. We would never have gotten on our feet paying the minimum payments each month. Thank you Michael and S. J. Packman for all your help. - Carolyn F, Roebling, New Jersey, October 2012

“Always available and knowledgeable of the situation.”

I was 9 months behind on my mortgage and was in jeopardy of going into foreclosure. I thought there was nowhere to turn, so I reached out to SJ Packman & Associates. Michael was excellent. Always available and knowledgeable of the situation. He immediately had his firm make contact with my lender. Within a few weeks we were working on a payment plan with the lender and two months after that, the loan modification was complete keeping my family under the roof I work so hard for. I would recommend this firm to anybody facing foreclosure and seeking a re-modification. - Don W, Holbrook, NY, September 2012

“Always made me feel better and calm during a very stressful process.”

Our experience with the firm was wonderful, Peter Gleason was our attorney and he was great. Michael Sininsky is fabulous, he has been my ear for many months, heard many frustrating calls and always made me feel better and calm during a very stressful process. I would recommend this firm to anyone and will do so. - Dawn B, Bedford Hills, NY, March 2012

“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

Thanks, Mike. I just entered into a 20% settlement agreement with citicard. I'm going to send you a small token of my appreciation of your professionalism and the time that you dedicated to my case. You should be receiving it in the next few days. Write me to confirm you received it. You're a top-notch professional and talking to you made me feel like there was a way out. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. - David H., Jackson Heights, NY, October 2010


“I would recommend them to my family and friends!”

I would just like to express my thoughts and appreciation on how we were treated by the staff of your firm and how they were so courteous and professional whenever we called with concerns and questions. I would really like to thank Mike since I know I drove him crazy with all the calls.


Whenever I had questions or concerns about anything he was always polite, nice, always made me laugh, and I was confident that everything was being taken care of. Along with his co-workers, especially Paul, who I originally used to talk to, he made me feel really comfortable that this firm would do everything in its power to help me to settle my debt. I would recommend them to my family and friends. - Mary H., Bronx, NY, August 2010


“These guys are GREAT”

These guys are GREAT! I was treated very well at all times and they are very professional. They are honest and will fight for you till the end. I never felt like I was another client, the person I dealt with there always knew me by my first name and always responded to any and all the questions I had through out the whole process. I saved a lot of money and headaches because of SJ Packman. I would recommend them to anyone that needed their services! Thank you very much !!! - Nestor V., Brooklyn, NY, April 2011


“I am truly grateful for having dealt with S.J. Packman”

I hired S.J. Packman & Associates LLC for a Bankruptcy filing. Over the course of six months, I had frequent contact with Michael Sininsky, Controller of Operations. I have found him to be very prompt, honest, considerate and someone with integrity. His professionalism is another area in which he excelled at throughout our correspondence. I am truly grateful for having dealt with S.J. Packman, and it is with great pleasure that I recommend them. - Peter L

"We are extremely satisfied"

We were extremely satisfied with your professional service and the settlement rates we received. You helped us through a very trying time in our life and we appreciate it immensely. We would definitely recommend SJPackman. - Ed & Linda, Miller Place, New York


"Our experience with the firm was wonderful"

Our experience with the firm was wonderful, Peter Gleason was our attorney and he was great. Michael Sininsky is fabulous, he has been my ear for many months, heard many frustrating calls and always made me feel better and calm durting a very stresfful process. I would recommend this firm to anyone and will do so. - Dawn


“It was a pleasure to work with S.J. Packman;

After putting off my debt for many months I was nervous to get started with the process, since I was unsure of what the process was. My first interaction was with Michael from SJ Packman who was extremely helpful and comforting. He was able to explain the entire process to me and answer every question and concern. He made me understand the choices that I had and helped me to get rid of all of the debt in a very short period of time. It was a pleasure to work with SJ Packman and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help!!!! - Jillian B., Inwood, NY



“I'm debt free thanks to S.J. Packman“

I just want to say that I was going through a tough divorce which put a financial strain on me. I needed to find someone to help me during my financial crisis when i came upon SJPackman. During the first phone call to the company until the last call to them they were nothing but helpful and understanding. They went through all my options and answered all my questions. They even work with you to make your monthly payments Affordable to you and your lifestyle. They understood my problems and made them theres. There is nothing but good things to say about SJPackman. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs financial help. As of today I'm debt free thanks to SJPackman.Guy


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